blogPost webinar Q1 2024

Webinar Recording: Student Loan Refinancing – Steps for Successful Savings

Refinancing your student loans could help you simplify your repayment, and possibly save you money in the process. But it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Review our webinar full of information to help you understand your options for student loan refinance.

  • Is refinancing right for you?
  • What types of student loans do you have?
  • Refinancing lenders and options – how do you choose?
  • Borrower requirements – are you eligible?
  • Real-life examples

Review the recording below or view full screen in Vimeo.

*Federal student loans may qualify for payment and interest rate benefits that private student loans do not. Carefully consider your options before refinancing federal student loans, as they will no longer qualify for current and future federal benefits once refinanced with a private lender. For more information, visit or contact your federal student loan servicer.